It’s great that you’re coming!

Let us know when you want to come.

We will need to maintain certain adjustments according to the RIVM guidelines. When you don’t feel well, experience the flue, coughing or a sore throat, have difficulty breathing, fever or chills, muscle fatigue, loss of taste/ smell or you’re not sure about your health-safety than the advice is to stay at home and follow our services via our livestream broadcast. This advice also counts for families. If someone in your household has fever or one of the above-mentioned symptoms, also then we would kindly request you to stay at home. Read here everything about how we deal with the Coronavirus.

How do I get to the church?

Our church is situated in the south of Den Bosch. You can reach the church easily via the Lambooijbrug or via the highway nearby. The address of our church is Van Veldekekade 358, in Den Bosch. This address is also available in Apple Maps, Google Maps, or other navigation devices. Are you planning to come via public transport? Then you can use the bus with line 156 to stop ‘Lambooijbrug’, or use line 1 to stop ‘Vondelstraat’. From these bus stops, you can reach the church within a few minutes by foot. You can also come by bike.

Het kerkgebouw van Evangelie Gemeente De Deur

Can I reach the church?

You can easily contact the church by using the form on this website. It is also possible to contact us via email or phone. Go to the contact page for more information.


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