Saturday 22 June
One80 Film
Saturday 22 June
One80 Film

Welcome to One80...

One80 in Den Bosch is the place where you can experience the gospel through music, christian movies, and short skits. During the activities you’ll experience what Jesus Christ can do for you. One week we have a funky band with live music, the next week we will show a christian movie that is about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Do you love music? Cause we do! Often we organise live music concerts with several bands or rap groups. Through the music and the lyrics of the songs, the bands sing about God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, during the night, people will testify what good things God has done in their lives, and how their lives have been turned around 180 degrees. Our One80 concerts challenge you to discover what God can do for you. We believe that God has a plan for all of us… Visit One80!


Besides concerts, we also organise movie nights at our One80 in Den Bosch. Every time, we show another movie, but the films always tell a story about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our movie night is a fun activity where you can meet people and learn about what God has in store for you. Curious how God can turn your life 180 degrees? Visit One80!

A place where lives change 180 degrees…

Our One80 activities are all about the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Do you often ask yourself: What is the purpose of life? Does God really exist? What about the afterlife? At our concerts and movie nights, we invite you to connect with God personally. If you give God a chance, we are sure that He will show you the answers on your questions. He did so for us. He can fill your heart and change your life 180 degrees!

One80 concert bij Evangelie Gemeente De Deur


“Through my relationship with God, I have found out that I can be who I am, and who I am in Him.”